Our mission

The core interest of the Bioinformatics department is the investigation of intervention effects using gene expression (next-generation sequencing) data.
For example, we predicted which drugs may be repositioned to inhibit fibrosis after glaukoma surgery (BMBF validation research project), and validated the top-ranking compound in vitro. Moreover, we wish to discover the healthspan pathways triggered by interventions proposed to enable healthy ageing (EU Horizon 2020 project).
Also, we work with Leukemia, Parkinson, and Alzheimer data, among others.

The Bioinformatics department is composed of the following groups:

  • Medical Bioinformatics (Moeller, Fuellen), focussed on intervention effects,
  • Junior Research Group Integrative OMICS Analyses (Hamed),
  • Next-generation sequencing data (Barrantes).

The mission of the Biostatistics department can be found here.

With all the best wishes for a long healthspan
Georg Fuellen, Institute Director