"What I can say to the people that are starting to study aging now is that I think we are on the verge of a revolution, that the science of aging is maturing and becoming a medical science, and a discipline that every doctor will have to be competent in to practice high-level medicine." Luigi Ferrucci, Jan 14, 2021, Nature Aging

The core interest of the Bioinformatics is the investigation of intervention effects using gene expression (next-generation sequencing) data.
More generally, we also investigate biomarkers based on clinical, protein, microbiome and other data. Applications are in healthtech / aging research (including fibrosis, cellular senescence and inflammation), neurodegeneration and cancer. From our bioinformatics perspective, we (co-)coordinate two clinical and one preclinical trial, all done with some focus on biomarkers. See also the sections on "Funding" and Publications".

The Bioinformatics is composed of the following groups:

  • Medical Bioinformatics (Möller, Fuellen), focussed on intervention effects,
  • Junior Research Group Translational Bioinformatics (Barrantes).

The mission of the Biostatistics department can be found here.



With all the best wishes for a long healthspan
Georg Fuellen, Institute Director


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