We welcome Dr. Henrik Rudolf, Biostatistics/Biometry, starting April 1, initially for one year! Please send inquiries to ibima-sekretariat{bei}uni-rostock.de .

"What I can say to the people that are starting to study aging now is that I think we are on the verge of a revolution, that the science of aging is maturing and becoming a medical science, and a discipline that every doctor will have to be competent in to practice high-level medicine." Luigi Ferrucci, Jan 14, 2021, Nature Aging

MOST RECENT NEWS: We gratefully received the support of Karls Erdbeerhof to coordinate, joint with the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, our first human trial towards intervening into cellular senescence, based on food rich in senointerventional compounds.

We were also just granted EFRE/ESF/EU funding for high-performance computing equipment (74970€, to be installed at the ITMZ).

RECENT NEWS: We received funding to coordinate an in-depth biomarker study, "SASKit", of cellular senescence and its role in pancreatic cancer and stroke, with colleagues from Hematology, Oncology & Palliative Care, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Physiology, in cooperation with the Systems Biology group at the IEF (474.000 EUR for IBIMA, 2.097.000 EUR for all groups; not considering years 4+5).

We also received funding for coordinating a large preclinical development study, incl biomarker investigations, "Antifibrotix", joint with IBMT and UAK (Augenklinik) (958.000 EUR for IBIMA, 1.760.000 EUR for all groups).

We just received funding for preparing the development of senotherapies (128.000 EUR for IBIMA).

The core interest of the Bioinformatics is the investigation of intervention effects using gene expression (next-generation sequencing) data.
We wish to discover the healthspan pathways triggered by interventions proposed to enable healthy ageing (EU Horizon 2020 project). We predicted which drugs may be repositioned to inhibit fibrosis after glaukoma surgery (BMBF validation research project), and validated the top-ranking compound in vitro.
Also, we work with Leukemia, Parkinson, and Alzheimer data, among others.

The Bioinformatics is composed of the following groups:

  • Medical Bioinformatics (Möller, Fuellen), focussed on intervention effects,
  • Junior Research Group Integrative OMICS Analyses (Hamed),
  • Junior Research Group Translational Bioinformatics (Barrantes).

The mission of the Biostatistics department can be found here.

EFRE-geförderte Ausstattung

With all the best wishes for a long healthspan
Georg Fuellen, Institute Director


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