Mission Statement

Mission Statement

1.The tasks of the Department of Biostatistics of Institute for Biostatistics and Informatics in Medicine and Ageing Research of the University Clinical Centre Rostock are
  • applications and
  • developments
of statistical methodology for all areas of
  • fundamental and
  • patient-orientated
medical research.

2.Findings of medical researcher has worked out with suitable correct methodology. Therefore, Biostatistics contributes by
  • accurate planning,
  • purposeful collection and preparation of required data as well as
  • adequate statistical analysis
to a appropriate interpretation of obtained research results.

3.Fundamental for our work is the interdisciplinary. Therefore, we put value to a pronounced competency of our staff members
  • to cooperation with medical research partners,
  • to a fair and friendly conduct of talks and
  • to simple presentation of complex mathematical themes.

4. The Department Biostatistics supports the process of transfer of existing knowledge into medical practice. Thereby, it performs a valuable contribution to the continuous improvement of patient care in the university hospital and beyond.

5.By imparting of knowledge of methodical principles of Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology we create an important qualification for a professional activity for the purpose of evidence-based medicine (EbM)
Günther Kundt