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We are specifically interested in health and prevention, investigating the molecular basis of aging processes (Fuellen et al., Aging and Disease, 2019).

A core element of our work is to identify new biomarkers. In population studies this may be genetic variations. For patients this may be a particular profile of the transcriptome that is seen in conjunction with clinical phenotypes. The challenge is to constrain an avalanche of data from patients and from public resources towards a much smaller set of molecular interactions that can be experimentally investigated.

Along these lines, the IBIMA has developed concepts („Pathway Maps“, “FocusHeuristics”, “ExprEssence”) to map disease expression data to public molecular network data and then derive a network (Möller et al., Aging-US, 2020) (Ernst et al., Scientific Reports, 2017). We are also interested to learn how to adopt these principles to best compare changes to the transcriptome of diseases with changes known to be induced by drugs, and further by combinations of drugs (Struckmann et al., Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2020).