Second Minisymposium on Health and Senescence

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 14-18 h (Venue: Hörsaal Kinderklinik, Ernst-Heydemann-Str. 8)



You are cordially invited to 5 talks, about senescence and health, by US scientists.

The event is free of charge, and no registration is required. Die Veranstaltung wurde mit 5 Fortbildungspunkten von der Ärztekammer Mecklenburg Vorpommern zertifiziert.



Preliminary Program:

14:00-14:30        Jerry Shay, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: Targeting Telomeres for Cancer Therapy


14:30-15:00        Aubrey de Grey, SRF and AgeX Inc.: An overview of recent progress in projects performed or funded by SENS Research Foundation

15:00-15:30        Julie Andersen, Buck Institute: Cellular senescence and its causative role in aging and Parkinson's disease


16:00-16:30        Laura Niedernhofer, University of Minnesota: Mouse models of accelerated aging for drug development

16:30-17:00        Paul Robbins, University of Minnesota: Development of senotherapeutics to extend healthspan

17:00-17:30        Soyoung Lee, Charite Berlin: Metabolic and epigenetic control of cancer cell senescence

17:30-18:00        Discussion and Farewell


We thank the following institutions for their support: the Profilschwerpunkte Onkologie and Neurowissenschaften (CTNR), and the Interdisziplinäre Fakultät.


On Thu Jan 31, 14h, First Minisymposium


Kind Regards


Georg Fuellen, Michael Walter and Rüdiger Köhling