Mechanisms of Life Project

From 2013 until 2017 we were running a BMBF Research Project 'Mechanisms of Life', validating bioinformatics support for screening processes.

As of Fall 2017, some small-molecule combinations predicted as part of the VIP-MdL project are still undergoing experimental testing. The most promising prediction, an antifibrotic compound to be used after eye (glaukoma) surgery, was successfully validated in-vitro in early 2017. We are currently applying for funds to do the preclinical tests. Parts of the work are written up; is currently published. Based on VIP-MdL project work, we acquired EU Horizon 2020 funding to analyze data on how small molecules and their combinations may extend healthspan. The EU grant and performance-based allocation of funds by the Medical Faculty supports continuation of some of the work until 2018/2020.