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We focus on the bioinformatics of Molecular Ageing (Aging Cell 2014 [pdf], Reproduction 2014 [pdf], Rejuvenation Research 2013 [pdf], Rejuvenation Research 2012 [pdf], Rejuvenation Research 2010 [pdf]), Stem Cell data (Sci. Reports 2015 [pdf], Cell Commun Signal 2013 [pdf], DNA Research 2011 [pdf], PLoS One 2010 [pdf]), Molecular Embryology (Proteomics 2015 [pdf], Mol Hum Reprod. 2014 [pdf], PLoS One 2012 [pdf], J Proteome Res 2011 [pdf]) and Disease Processes (PLoS One 2013 [pdf], BMC Bioinformatics 2012 [pdf]). See the 'Funding' page for more details on current projects.

In particular, we are concerned with the following topics:


Expert Systems in Medicine